AV Furniture

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AV Furniture

In a sense, the core of the home cinema experience is about the projector, screen and audio, but to exclude furniture is to ignore perhaps the most important factor in giving your space that "movie theater feel."  Comfortable, professional-grade home theater seating and home theater furniture has the potential to transform your home cinema into a different kind of experience, one that friends and family actually prefer because it exceeds the comfort and quality of the movie theater.

Home Theater Seating & Furniture

Picking the right home theater seating is a matter of your budget and priorities, and ties in closely to the layout of your theater room or media room.  How much space you have and how big your screen is will determine how far away the seating needs to be, which can affect the type of seating that's best for the space.  Talk to our experts at Stereo One to benefit from our experience as you outfit your room, or come into our showroom today to experience our brands and products firsthand.

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