Acoustic Treatment

Sound Masking

Modern workspaces often require sound treatment to improve privacy as open offices proliferate, floorplans get more compact, and offices use contemporary materials like metal and glass in place of traditional sound-absorbing materials.  Sound masking involves speakers that produce an ambient background noise similar to the sound of airflow, and targeted to match the frequency of human speech to increase privacy.

Acoustic Treatment

Acoustic treatment is the application of sound panels, sound banners and other materials to absorb sound and improve the acoustic condition of a room. From gyms to offices, from churches to auditoriums, acoustic treatment can reduce echoes, improve sound quality and enhance the comfort of your guests, employees and customers.

Your Acoustic Treatment Pros

Using sound engineering and acoustical analysis, our team can provide a recommendation for sound masking or acoustic treatment techniques that will be beneficial to your space.  We serve businesses across Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky from our offices in St. Louis and Cape Girardeau.  Give us a call or inquire today to see how we can help your next project!

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