Professional AV, Lighting & Broadcast


Professional Venues Require The Technology Pros

Audio and Video systems in a professional venue can deliver high-powered, pro-grade solutions that immerse everyone in the facility. The right acoustics and video projection or video wall systems to suit the space perfectly will engage an entire audience at a Church or Stadium. And we can accentuate every nuance, not the noise. Proper acoustics takes a pro to help control sound while decreasing undesirable echoes, reverberation and more. We are experts at the delivering the entire design, installation, documentation, and service for AV for any venue – of any size.

Professional AV Systems to Elevate Your Environment

Stadiums, high school auditoriums and gyms, houses of worship and other large venues require professional audio, video and controls to enhance the overall delivery and experience. Doing it exceptionally well requires a professional team with vast experience and knowledge in acoustics, video, custom lighting and broadcast and streaming. Our HD Pro team specializes in this area and bring you rock-solid, premium-grade electronics backed by professionalism and service unlike any other in the business.

Light Up Any Performance, Stage Or Venue

When it’s time for a concert tour, show, professional game or major presentation, the right lighting can make all the difference to the performance and audience. Spotlights, powerful lighting and professional large-scale, colored lighting can bring emotion to every note, statement or sound. At HD Pro, we understand the impact of professional lighting and can engineer a comprehensive system that makes the most of every magical moment. And we can even deliver complete controls over the lights, AV and most any pro technology in your facility.

Pro Broadcast and Streaming for Every Studio

If broadcasting and studio sound are your signature, let HD Pro help you with every component and audiophile quality technology. Sound engineers trust HD Pro to partner with the best product vendors in the business and deliver the ultimate solution to bring out the maximum potential of your broadcasts or recording studios. We can help stream content and optimize audio while eliminating noise and interference to enable studios and artists to realize their entire creative vision and performance.

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