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Home Automation

Your Home, Your Control

Imagine if you could control your home with the swipe of a finger.  With carefully integrated, state-of-the-art touch screens, control of your home is at your fingertips.  We work with you to build a simple-to-use home control system. Instead of managing multiple remotes and interfaces for your climate, security, music, video, and lighting, we bring them all into one centralized system.  For example, in your home theater room, one preset sequence could close the drapes, lower the light level, reveal a hidden movie screen and begin projecting the movie of your choice.  Save time and simplify your life with a custom home automation solution.

Your Home, Automated

Working with a professional home automation expert is the best way to integrate the technology into your home, make sure it's compatible and reliable, and ensure the controls for your newly automated home look as if they were there from the start!  Coordinate the technology in your home into a complete experience customized for your lifestyle, and programmed to the needs of your family.  Dim the lights, stream your favorite music, lock the doors, adjust the thermostat, and start a movie, all from the comfort of your chair.  No more running around from room to room; your systems are now centralized, and the settings for your entire home can be accessed from your mobile device of choice.  It's truly a smarter living experience.

Your Home Automation Experts

Our home automation team can help create a system that is customized to your home and your family's needs.  We serve communities in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky from our offices in St. Louis and Cape Girardeau.  Give us a call or inquire today to see how we can help your next project!

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