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Lighting Control

Imagine Your Day, Automated

It starts with convenient control, but the next level is automation. We can help put your lighting on autopilot, moving automatically between lighting environments designed for each time of the day. Reduce your energy usage by ensuring only the necessary lights are on during different times of the day. Hit a "Wake Up" button to fade in the lights in every room up to a predetermined level, helping your family gently wake up. Or imagine your next dinner party, with all your lighting and entertainment settings preset, and activated with a single touch.

Moving into the Future

Traditional lighting? That just won’t cut it any more. Off-the-shelf components don't blend with your decor, leaving a trail of switches and dimmers. Our team can bring the most out of your house, while delivering a new level of convenience to you and your family. But traditional lighting can also be inefficient and wasteful. Lighting control can keep your home’s energy usage down by building in lighting scenes for different times of the day, keeping on only those lights that are needed. Putting your lighting schedule on autopilot makes this even simpler. And from a security standpoint, lighting control makes it easy to make your home lived in, even when you’re away. Even remotely, from your smartphone, control your home and give everyone the impression--through normal lighting patterns--that you’re actually home.

Your Lighting Control Experts

Let our team guide you through the best custom lighting control application for your home.  Based on your family's needs, we can recommend a control system that integrates control of your lighting across your home, and makes it simpler than ever to adjust settings throughout your home with one touch, or even automatically!  We serve communities in Missouri, Illinois and Kentucky from our offices in St. Louis and Cape Girardeau.  Give us a call or inquire today to see how we can help your next project!

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