Residential Electrical & Lighting


Expert Electrical Solutions for Every Home

While electrical work is often behind walls, it is extremely important to your home and project. Electrical work is the core to every electronic product, light and system working fully and properly – for the long haul. Our HD Electric team and certified installers will help you with every electrical need, from wiring to low voltage systems, to lighting, cabling, outlets, switches and more. We are professionally trained, highly experienced and offer consultation and comprehensive customer support that will bring you peace of mind on your project. And it’s all backed by world-class service.

Turnkey Lighting and Control

Today’s lighting technology can start with a basic room of lights, dimming or can be expanded to a full home lighting control system. At HD Electric, we’re experts at it all including premium products and one-touch lighting controls. Our elegant electrical and lighting solutions make people and spaces look and function their best. We’ll evaluate your exact needs and can personalize a room of lights a complete, whole-house lighting system. Without any effort, press a button you’re your bedside panel to start the day, and all house lights raise slowly to your desired level. We create stunning spaces that provide easy-to-use controls from designer keypads or mobile apps to adjust light levels throughout your home, inside and out. Even set lights to adjust to preset levels at specific times to increase convenience and security.

Lighting Design and Layout from Start to Finish

Lighting design is a true artform backed by experience, and it all begins with a comprehensive plan, one that you understand and can review including lights, placement, switches, wall keypads and more. Our trained team at HD Electric specializes in the complete design, layout and placement of all lighting products, wiring and installation, so you are sure the result is exactly what you envision.

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